Each Halo Headpiece is hand crafted with love and intention

for you to clarify & amplify your perception!

  • Each band is copper and serves as a conductor for the energy.
  • Bead color and gemstones are chosen based on the energies that you are working with. I will intuit what beads/gems to use based on the intention you share with me.
  • Individual orders will be taken to account for your head size and desired design.
  • The pictures you see below are templates. Each halo is unique and you will not receive an exact match to what you see below.
  • Some designs are meant to wear two ways- one as a halo to activate your third eye and one as a crown or tiara.
  • Men can wear these too!

Please submit any questions or design ideas in the contact box below. ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: To order, you will submit a down-payment of $30 ($55 for a silver halo). You will then send me an email at susiebeiler@hotmail.com with the subject line “HALO”. Once I receive your email we will discuss what kind of halo you desire. I will craft your halo and you will then submit the balance of your payment. Prices start at $33 (+ shipping and handling which varies depending upon your location $13.45 in the U.S. Please note: international orders do not have tracking unless you pay extra for this service. By ordering, you assume the risk of the shipping process.). ***The 33 dollar halo has no beads/gems. It is a simple copper wire design. The more complicated the design and the more beads/gemstones used, the higher the price. Most halos are between $55 and $65. Silver halos may be available upon special request. Please confirm with Susie that she has the supplies needed before submitting your down payment.

Unconditional Love Swirl

Speak your Truth: 5 Loop

Speak your Truth: 7 Loop

Speak your Truth: Tiara

Speak your Truth: 3 Loop

Galactic Antenna

Waves of Peace

Awakened DNA

Lightworker Bridge

Spirit's Guidance

Queen of Heaven

Kundalini Rising

Tierra Healing

DNA Activator

Lymphatic Flow

How to wear your Activator Halo:

Some designs can be worn two ways- as a halo or as a tiara. The swirl designs are meant to be worn over the third eye or other comfortable position. Copper conducts everything, so it is helpful to wear with the intention that only the frequencies aligned for your Highest and Best Good are conducted. The frequencies can be very powerful. Start out by wearing your halo 15 minutes at a time to allow your system to adjust to the new energies. If you experience a headache, light-headedness, or other uncomfortable sensations, remove the halo and wear it for lesser amounts of time until you adjust. You may experience enhanced sensation during times of powerful energetic alignments, such as full moons, equinoxes, solstices, eclipses, etc… *By purchasing and wearing your halo, you agree to release Susie Beiler and Spectrum Health Consulting LLC from any liability associated with wearing your halo.

How to care for your halo:

Once you mold the halo to your head to your comfort, do not bend further. To clean, use a solution of lime juice and sea salt. This solution should only be applied to the copper wiring, not the beads. The halo does not need to be shiny in order to be effective. This solution works if you like the shiny appearance. You can also use a jewelry cloth to polish the copper.

Send me your headshot!

If you would like to appear on my website, please email me your headshot with your Activator Halo. susiebeiler@hotmail.com

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